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  1. (1) Indonesian students and (2) international students studying in Indonesia may submit their applications for the BDSC V online via bdsc.kemlu.go.id.
  2. For international students studying outside of Indonesia and interested to join, please contact Indonesian Diplomatic Missions near you for more detailed information (list of Indonesian Missions).
  3. Applicants of the BDSC V must be undergraduate or graduate level students, and have a good command of English, good organizational skills and active social media presence.
  4. Applicants have to submit a recommendation letter from their College or University.

Students from any major or departments having interest in democracy are welcomed to apply for BDSC V.

Students who graduate between September to November 2021 and can obtain a letter of recommendation from their Universities are welcomed to apply for BDSC V.

  1. The committee does not provide any template for the statement or recommendation letter. Applicants need to use their own templates or letters provided by their Educational institutions or Universities.
  2. The recommendation letter should contain information about the applicant (at least name, major/faculty, semester) and a recommendation statement from the applicant's University.
  3. The statement letter must state the availability of the applicant to attend the entire program of BDSC V in Bali (November 19, 2021) and it must be signed with a stamp duty

Both recommendation and statement letters must be written in Indonesian or English.

For the format of the documents, please refer to the requirement that has been stated on our website.

TOEFL / IELTS or TOEFL Prediction certificates are not required. However, we will give more consideration to those who include it in the application.

  1. The essay must be written in English.
  2. The length of the essay is no more than 650 words.
  3. It must elaborate on the theory of democracy.
  4. It must contain the applicant's opinion on how democratic societies can move “Towards Sustainable Economic Recovery” or “From Social Injustice to Social Inclusivity” in times of pandemic.
  5. The essay has to relate to one of the two themes.
  1. The one-minute Profile Video should be uploaded to the applicants' Instagram Feed and applicants have to put the link of the video in the application form.
  2. The video must be delivered in English.
  3. The video must contain a short self-introduction and the applicant’s personal view on “The Role of Youth In Democracy: Towards Social Inclusivity And Sustainable Economic Recovery” in times of pandemic.
  4. Applicants have to include these hashtags: #BDSC2021, #BDSCV, #BDF2021, and #RoadtoBDF in their Instagram post.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, participants will be joining the conference online via Zoom. Only selected participants residing in Bali may attend the BDSC V in person. Further arrangement on this is still subject to changes.

The committee will announce to each participant through the email that is registered in the application form.

The BDSC V will have a new format featuring 2 (two) streams of discussions, namely: Towards Sustainable Economic Recovery and From Social Injustice to Social Inclusivity. Discussions on both stream will be held in parallel. 

The committee has the discretion to allocate the participants based on the content of their essays, available slots in each of the streams, and the composition of the delegates so to ensure a balanced discussion. 


There will be 3 (three) main agendas in each stream: polling, panel discussion, and participants discussion.

  1. Polling: The moderator will ask participants to identify the most pressing issues within each stream using Mentimeter. The results will then be displayed real time and the 3 (three) top issues will be discussed by the participants during the discussion.
  2. Panel Discussion: Participants will listen to the materials presented by 3 (three) panellists in each stream. Participants are required to be active during this session by asking questions or even raising your points to the speakers.
  3. Participants Discussion: After listening to the materials presented by the panelists, participants will directly discuss the 3 (three) top issues that have been chosen based on the poll. This discussion will be facilitated by the moderator, and the participants will need to identify the root cause of the issues, provide solutions to the issue, and how democracy can be utilized to solve the issue.

At the end of the session in each stream, participants will be required to provide a maximum one-page PowerPoint slide that summarizes what has been discussed (one PowerPoint slide per stream, not per participant). The moderator will then choose 1 (one) participant from each stream to present the result of the discussion in the plenary.

No, participants are not responsible for the drafting process of the outcome document. However, the comittee will strive to include major ideas and solutions contained in the one-page PowerPoint slide that participants submit at the end of the discussion. The outcome document will be presented in front of world leaders in the Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) 2021.

As it is a formal event, participants are required to wear smart casual attire (formal Batik is allowed). Although some of the participants will be attending the conference via Zoom, all participants are encouraged to dress appropriately.

The participants will be required to prepare:

  1. A laptop for the conference
  2. Latest version of Zoom installed in your laptop
  3. A stable internet connection to ensure your active participation in the conference

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at bdsc@kemlu.go.id.

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